Free Printable 1099-NEC Form For 2020 Tax Year. 1099 NEC Form reintroduced by Internal Revenue Service for 2020 tax year. We offer easy 1099-NEC online Filing for reporting non-employee payments. File your 1099 online Form without visiting the IRS office. is a trusted IRS approved E-file provider. It provides fast and secure filing to file an IRS 1099-NEC form. File your Form 1099 Online before the due date with the support of our online filing service. The following information is required to file an IRS 1099-NEC Form with the Internal Revenue Service.

Free Printable 1099-NEC Form For 2020 Tax Year
  1. Payer information like payer name, address, and Tax ID.
  2. Non-employee information like non-employee name, address, Tax ID. 
  3. Payer paid amount.
  4. Federal tax withheld information.
  5. State information like state income, payer state number, and state tax withheld. 

Printable 1099-NEC Online Forms We Support supports different 1099 online Tax Forms. Particularly, IRS provides various tax forms for reporting various types of payments. Payers report various payments based on the type of tax forms. A payer who obtains services from the individuals and businesses must provide a tax form to the Internal Revenue Service. Internal Revenue Service finds out the taxpayer who ignores to file the federal taxes. Also, the payer must send a 1099-NEC Form to the recipient. Generally, the recipient uses the 1099 Tax Form for reporting federal taxes on return. 

File Printable 1099-NEC Forms

For the 2020 tax year, business owners must report their non-employee payments like contractor payments by using 1099-NEC online. Businesses who recruit non-employees and paid more than $600 must file a 1099-NEC Form. File 1099-NEC form 2020 to the IRS and send copy B of Printable 1099-NEC Form to the recipient before the due date.

Who Get Printable 1099-NEC Forms?

IRS 1099-NEC Form is must be sent to the non-employees like contractors if the payer paid $600 or more. Particularly, payees use a 1099 tax form for reporting federal income taxes. A payee must file accurate taxes with the Internal Revenue Service. IRS easily identifies if the payee does not file with accurate taxes also ignores to file the federal income taxes. 

1099-NEC Form Filing Due Date

A filer who file 1099 Forms online with the Internal Revenue Service by January 31st. Also, send a 1099 tax form to the payee before or on January 31st.

Best Online Filing Features

Business Owners

Business owners who want to file tax forms save time by sending us your business and recipient details. Our filer takes care of your filing process. File your 1099-NEC Form electronically to the IRS as well as mail a copy of 1099 to the recipient before the due date.


Online Filing provides an amazing service to accountants who want to file multiple tax forms. Accountant easily files multiple tax forms with a single account. Also, easily handle many customers with the E-filing service.

Best IRS 1099 Service Provider is approved with the IRS also it provides secure and fast filing. It provides safety as well as fast filing compare to all other E-file providers. A filer can file different tax forms with the support of an E-filing service.

Mutual Federal/State Filing 

The (CF/SF) is a data-sharing contract between the IRS & CFSF participating states. This program allows the IRS to transmit different 1099 forms of information to their relevant states. If the state is a CFSF program participating state, then the state will get the Form from IRS.

State Filing Needs

In the US, each state has individual filing requirements also filing deadlines. Some Combined Federal/State Filing program participating states still need individuals to file with the state.

 Best Pricing Plan

Free Printable 1099-NEC Form For 2020 Tax Year. provides the best pricing service to 1099 filers. It provides a discounted price for filers who want to file multiple tax forms. Also, it offers a reasonable online filing service.

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